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About Luke 

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Luke Oberholtzer received his Associates Degree in Screenwriting and a Certificate in Film, Video, and Media from Colorado Film School before graduating from Santa Fe University of Art and Design with his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Story Development. During college, Luke was hired by Main Man Films to write Singletrack: The Movie. The summer before his senior year, Luke worked closely with Development Executives as a Production Intern at LD Entertainment in Los Angeles, California. After graduating, Luke has worked as a Development Apprentice with Atchity Productions and served as Story Consultant for Reflective Media Productions on their film Stronger. Afterwards, he was rehired by Reflective Media and came off their television series, Breaking Strongholds, as the story consultant for the first season and upcoming second season. Most recently, he worked with OpenGate Entertainment as Head of Development where he and his team have worked closely with over 350 clients giving script notes, breakdowns, consulting, and helping them improve their screenplays into its best possible version. As a screenwriter, Luke has a slate of projects in various stages of development with several different production companies. He is always looking for more producers, financiers, and distributors to help bring these stories to life for a worldwide audience.

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Every single filmmaker in the world will tell you they could not list the many things that have inspired them and their careers. 


The graphic novel Bone by Jeff Smith is one of the greatest influences of Luke's career. In fact, Luke's career magnum opus is a young adult novel series inspired by the core four of Bone, Lord of the Rings, Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter.


Some of his favorite films include Se7en, Gladiator, American Pie, Beverly Hills Cop, Silence of the Lambs, IT: Chapter One, The Social Network, and too many more he cannot think of or name off the top of his head.


His all time favorite television show is Friends. After that, some of his favorites are Justified, The Shield, Spartacus, The Office, and way too many that cannot be remembered.


Luke's personality can be summed up in a few different characters that he identifies with a little too much including Donkey (Shrek), Randal Graves (Clerks), Jim Halpert (The Office), Cookie Monster (Sesame Street), and Ralph (Wreck-It Ralph).


And last, but certainly not least, he grew up loving the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and, to this day, still considers them the brothers he never had.

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Outside The Industry

Beyond the entertainment industry, Luke is an avid sports fanatic. He absolutely loves the Baltimore Ravens and will support them until his dying breath. He also became a Los Angeles Lakers fan due to his love for his hero, Kobe Bryant, who is the ultimate GOAT. Kobe's mindset, work ethic, and relentless pursuit of perfection is something Luke is inspired by daily and he hopes to attack every project he works on in the same manner.


Luke's other deep affection is for the hippopotamus as he identifies with them greatly. One of his biggest motivations in life is to become a multi billionaire so he can have one as a pet along with his future golden retriever, Potato.


When he is not working he is usually hanging out with his friends or family, watching television or a movie, writing, or reposting hippopotamus pictures on social media.

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